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Rory Johnston

i ive had a passion for music since a very young age playing along on the keyboard to my dads old rock records. then i heard dance music we would all share mix tapes at school from dj's live sets from raves. and was blown away i decided thats what i want to do.  i saved for my first set of turntables and started playing out at local venues youth clubs ect. until i stated getting gigs at some well known events in Edinburgh and fife. unfortunately  the opportunity came to work and live in the netherlands and i gave the dj ing up. and  it wasnt for a few years when my passion for making music began.  slowly building my own home studio. ive had  release's on breeze digital records, Infected records, and Trancespired Recordings.   where i got to work with james allan from public domain . and my second release on infected reached no 6 in the beatport top 100 trance charts . 

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Beatport Charts

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Screenshot 2019-05-29 at 00.59.30.png
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